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Elatine Hydropiper Beginner's Guide

Have you ever wondered how those aquarists pull off a nice and neat carpeting plant in their tanks? The secret is using the micro plant, Elatine hydro...
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Best Aquarium Heaters

Aquascaping is not a hobby for everyone. Only those with skills, knowledge, and passion can withstand the difficulties of the challenge. But it’s al...
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Best Aquarium Sand

Setting up an aquarium is a tedious task, but for many aquarists, it is a fulfillment to create an underwater landscape out of knowledge, dedication, ...
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Best Turtle Heat Lamps

Did you know that turtles lounge under the sun for 10-14 hours per day in their natural habitat? This makes it possible for them to live up to 20 or 3...
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Best Auto Fish Feeders 2019

Feeding your fish is so important that missing just one feeding time can affect your fish’s entire survival. We all know it's challenging to keep up...
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