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Peppermint Shrimp Beginner's Guide

Setting up a reef aquarium with a peppermint shrimp is easy when you know how to establish equilibrium with all the biota in your tank.  You want to ...
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Best Stingray Aquariums 2019

Freshwater stingrays are mysterious creatures. Despite their many similarities with sharks, these delicate animals prey on the notorious sea predator....
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Best Betta Fish Tanks 2019

Betta fish are common aquarium pets. They make excellent pets for both amateur and experienced aquarists, so we are not wondering why you might find i...
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Ludwigia Glandulosa

When flora and fauna of your aquarium are almost complete, think twice, you might have forgotten the versatile Ludwigia Glandulosa which is rare and v...
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Hygrophila Corymbosa Guide

Why Hygrophila Corymbosa? A simple plant like Hygrophila Corymbosa can create a magnificent underwater view when in equilibrium with other aquatic pl...
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