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Aquascape Iwagumi Beginner's Guide

The Concept behind Iwagumi A natural-looking stone formation adds up an exotic touch to the simple creation of aquascape iwagumi. Although a modest s...
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Aquascaping Supplies Beginner's Guide

The Art of Aquascaping “It is important to provide an unpretentious, casual atmosphere of water and greenery. The very atmosphere creates the harmon...
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Best Fish Tank Vacuum 2019

The aquascape hobby is not just to fascinate the eyes, and it requires responsibility and dedication to provide a healthy condition for your fish and ...
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Your Guide on the Best Rocks for Freshwater Aquarium

What makes an underwater landscape a breathtaking sight?  Aside from the fish and aquatic plants, everything in it exhibits a role to fascinate the o...
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Best Nano Fish for Aquarium

Small tanks are getting to be a trend in the fish keeping hobby for the newbies. Even the experienced hobbyists prefer it to house small aquarium fish...
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