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Ludwigia Repens

When you visit a garden shop to buy new plants (especially for the beginners), it is important to think of the actual sizes of the different plants wh...
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Rotala Rotundifolia Beginner's Guide

One of our 9 personal favorite red aquarium plants, Rotala Rotundifolia is a unique and beginner-friendly plant that you should get for your next a...
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Our Personal Favorite 9 Red Aquarium Plants

Placing different species of plants into your aquarium can create beautiful visual effects. Red aquarium plants can give a bold splash of color into y...
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Proserpinaca Palustris Beginner's Guide

Apart from your fish, aquatic plants make your tank or pond such a picture-perfect beauty to look at. If you’re searching for stunning aquatic plant...
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7 Freshwater Puffer Fish

Freshwater puffer fish is gaining popularity among aquarium hobbyists because they look adorable with their ball-like appearance. They are also intere...
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