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Christmas Moss - 7 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

Moss is known to be one of the most common plants to decorate aquascape tanks. There are countless of moss variants out there that you can find, but t...
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Beginner's Guide to Chinese Algae Eater (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri)

The Chinese algae eater is a fish type you may already find very often in freshwater aquariums. Not only to add diversity to your aquarium, this fish ...
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Top 7 Exotic Aquatics (Fauna) you can get today

What are the most exotic freshwater aquatics that I can get today? You may already be wondering about this question for a while. But that's great, th...
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Beginner's Guide to Neon Tetra

For a new aquascaper, it might not be an easy task to choose which fish to add to your brand new aquarium. If you ask other experienced or aquascape g...
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8 Facts about Pogostemon Helferi (downoi)

Talking about aquascape won't be complete without mentioning about the plants. It can be argued that there are countless of aquascape plants we can ch...
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