Discus fish care ultimate guide

Published on December 11, 2016
Discus fish care ultimate guide

Today I’m going to share the best resources to master discus care for beginners.

For a beginner, you might feel overwhelmed with the guides out there that tend to be generalists. To make sure that you will understand effectively, I have divided the useful guides into different categories.

They are discus fish types, their perfect tank mates, food, breeding, tanks, diseases and of course the cure.

The Ultimate List of the Best Discus Fish Care Resources

From differentiating the different types of discus fish to brief explanations about their most common diseases and how to cure them. This guide is your discus fish care go-to-guide.

New to the world of Discus?
First, learn how to differentiate between the various types.

Don’t be shocked to find a massive amount of discus types. Some quick examples are red, blue, thick line, pattern, heckle, and brown. But don’t worry, this guide is specially made to cover this, by the end, you’ll understand the most common types and how to differentiate them.

How to choose the tank mates for your discus fish

There is no better feeling for aquarists to have an aquarium where multiple species of aquatics can live in harmony. And this also applies to discus fish owners, what other fish that I can buy to live together with my discus fish? Well, here they are.

I want my discus to stay alive and healthy, but what should I feed them?

There are various types of fish foods that you might already know: fish pellets, blood worms, krill, algae wafers, and flake fish food. But which ones can I feed to my discus? That’s the question that the guides below will answer.

Every Discus owner’s dream: Breeding our own discus.

As aquarists, being able to breed the fish we take care is one significant milestone that many aquarists set as a long term goal. However, it might not be as simple as keeping a male discus and a female in the same aquarium and hope that they will mate and breed. The list below is a carefully selected resource list that will teach you how.

How to choose the best tanks for discus fish

Choosing a right tank for your discus fish is one of the earliest steps to pave the path to be a successful discus breeders. Here are some cool resources and personal experiences in choosing the perfect tank for yours.

Prevent dangerous diseases that might infect your beloved Discus by first knowing what they are and the steps you should take.

Just like any other animals, discus fish has many kinds of diseases that can attack them or even cause death. Here you will learn how to spot the various conditions and the steps you should take to cure them.

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