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Stingray Care: What Do Stingrays Eat?

A freshwater stingray is a predatory sea creature that has one of the most oddly intimidating jaws of all marine animals in contrast with how flat its...
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Southern Stingray (Dasyatis Americana): A Whiptail from the Atlantic Ocean

Southern stingrays (Dasyatis Americana) are tame freshwater stingrays that have a diamond-shaped disc with a color mix of dark brown, gray, black, and...
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Best Aquarium Plant Fertilizers 2019

Just as we human beings would need food supplements, aquatic plants also need certain nutrients to thrive and stay healthy. Hobbyists supplement the p...
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9 Stingray Facts You Need to Know

Species of stingrays vary in sizes, shapes, and designs. They look bizarre, but they fascinate with their exotic looks. Rays can add beauty and grace ...
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Best Aquarium Safe Glue

It's frustrating trying to keep your aquarium plants in place. The minute you get back after fixing them, they’re already floating around the aquari...
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