Best Fish Tank Vacuum 2019

Published on September 3, 2019
Best Fish Tank Vacuum 2019

The aquascape hobby is not just to fascinate the eyes, and it requires responsibility and dedication to provide a healthy condition for your fish and plants.

Sustenance is a crucial point to provide your fish a longer lifespan, and your plants to thrive and exhibit vibrant colors within the miniature environment.

Maintenance will always be a regular task.  Along with keeping the required water parameters, you ought to keep the substrate clean and free of toxins, food debris, and many wastes.

To do the job, you need a reliable Fish Tank Vacuum. There are several brands and models in the market now

Read the reviews at Amazon website, the top list mentioned below, or hear the experiences of others to come up with the best aquarium vacuum cleaner.

Why is there a need for a fish tank vacuum cleaner?

Your aquarium is prone to germs and bacteria that come from leftover food, dead organisms, and wastes generated by your fish.

This can make your water cloudy and contaminated. It leads to building up pollutants hazardous to the health of all living organisms in your tank.

These unwanted wastes always end up in your substrate. A capable siphoning pump can wipe out these toxins and stubborn debris.

You do not do the cleaning by hands for it will scatter the debris even more. It will blur your water and making it clear again can take days before they settle back on the bed.

Scooping the water into the pail is a tedious old-fashioned process and no longer in use by experienced aquarists.

This traditional way of changing the water can eat up a lot of your time before you can enjoy a beautiful view of your tank.

There are several high-tech tools now like the aquarium gravel cleaner pump that will help swift all these unwelcomed dirt in the fastest and easiest way.

There are two types of cleaners. One is for changing the water clean while siphoning. The other one is not for siphoning because it just sucks through a trapping mesh.

Periodic water change and vacuuming/siphoning will regulate the water chemistry in your tank.

If you ignore these wastes and debris, it can lead to raising the levels of nitrate and ammonia, which is not suitable for some fish and plants.

Do not rely on your filtration system and protein skimmer to get rid of dirt. It takes time before they get filtered, unlike when you suck them right away.

At an instant, you do away with pollutants through siphoning and vacuuming before dirt poses a danger to the aquatic life.

Your filtration system and protein skimmer will have a lesser workload, and it will reduce the number of routine water change.

Top list Fish Tank Vacuum Cleaners

TERA PUMP Aquarium Fish Tank Gravel Sand Cleaner 

The revolutionary fish tank vacuum cleaner by TERA PUMP is a popular suction system in siphoning and water changing because of its multipurpose features - for gravel and sand.

Two nozzles will help you do the job - one shorter nozzle is for draining the water, and the other longer nozzle is for gravel/sand cleaning. These applications make the product versatile and user-friendly.

Changing water is quick and effortless because you can get 1.5 gallons/minute. Isn’t that fast compared to the leading brands? They even upgraded the discharge hose with a clip to avoid falling.

I was clueless before what kind of vacuum cleaner would I get for my 3-gallon tank until I tried this product. After reading the directions, it just took me 10 minutes cleaning and changing the water.

You don’t have to buy batteries and worry if they run out. The vacuuming and siphoning are all by hands in a secure squeezing manner.

This product is BPA-free. Materials used are PVC, polyethylene, and EVA. It means safe, sturdy, and durable.

Only one disadvantage, though, if you bought a counterfeit product. There are imitations from China and might not deliver well. TERA PUMP brand name is the genuine one and has nothing to do with TERA PUMP DIRECT products from China.

For you to be sure, the manufacturers changed the package appearance with a brand name TERA PUMP and the model number.

Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System

The pumping innovation that won’t fail you is here. If you’re having second thoughts, read the reviews and see its high rating.

Maintenance of a 5-gallon aquarium is as easy as 1-2-3 that even kids can do in a matter of minutes.

I am surprised to open the package as it comes assembled. Just set up the tank and proceed the easy task after reading the manual.

The no-spill feature is excellent for periodic maintenance. Even a novice can handle it well for his first aquarium.

You siphon off your tank and refill with water without carrying a bucket to and from where your faucet is. I can save a lot of time and effort.

You get your money’s worth because you bought a product of quality. FDA approves all the materials in its construction.

It has a UV stabilization; the non-porous tubing which makes it environment-friendly.

You can save in water consumption with these latest upgrades like 7:1 suction ratio.

It’s an efficient gravel and sand vacuum cleaner that goes with a kit of everything you will need except for extra adaptors.

Contrary to what they advertise, newbies in this hobby might find it hard to use. It’s the only flaw that others said.

However, not all experiences are the same.  As I mentioned, it took me only minutes to do the job upon unboxing the package.

This product is not cheap, so use it to the fullest. It is a water changer and the best aquarium vacuum cleaner in one.

Marina Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner

If I were to recommend to a newbie in the fish keeping hobby, my top pick would be the Marina aquarium gravel cleaner pump. It has four sizes to support the needs of any tank measurement.

It ranges from the smallest tube diameter of an inch for small-sized tank’s to a larger tube diameter of 2.5 inches for huge aquariums.

The 15-inch hose takes the dirty water off your tank to the bucket. It does not make a kink, but you need to raise it for a start or move it down to attain the right procedure.

The instructions are clear to understand, but for additional information, there are some instructional “Youtube” videos that you can stream online.

Its siphoning action is superb while it sucks the dirt,  debris, and detritus, it changes the water.

The advantages you will get are more significant, considering it comes with a reasonable price tag.

Possibilities are endless, and you’ll end up posting positive reviews.

An important note is no matter how amazing a product is, there will always be contradicting experiences of others, thus, a con.

Some users cannot start the process just quickly like the never-ending hung of starting anything.

boxtech Aquarium Gravel Vacuum Cleaner and Tank Siphon 

This model will deliver the best performance in three ways. Use it for changing the tank water, siphoning dirt and debris, and for washing the gravel and sand.

Its efficient absorption of waste discharge is the key to the product’s popularity. Leave the dirty water behind, and you don’t have to touch it with your hands anymore.

To perform, the aquarium sand vacuum cleaner is ideal for tanks measuring the height of 35 inches and lower.

Just connect the 30cm inlet pipe to the 40cm outlet tube, press the button and wait until the water comes outflowing into the bucket. You need not combine the two pipes if the aquarium is smaller.

Other than its extendable tubes, they also provide a filter net to protect your fish from the draining process and changing of water.

It has an air-pressing button with a strong suction function to drain the water from the tank. No need to use the mouth during the startup.

You can do the siphoning using one hand as including a clip can let the tubes to stand on its own. There is also a clamp useful to control or stop the water flow.

It is easy to install and operate, user-friendly and will do the job fast. The materials used in this product are recyclable and will not harm the environment.

Others have odd experiences with the product. Its pump did not work well with them.

It has cheap materials on it. Constant pumping will lead to cracks on the outer tube. Continuing the pump further can enlarge the crack until it breaks.

Dora’s Corner Store Vacuum Water Siphon Gravel Cleaner

This model is recommendable for both experienced and novice fish keepers.

Routine maintenance task should not be a burden but an easy task with a dose of dedication.

The siphoning tool from the USA must work with anyone in the hobby, young and mature fishkeepers alike.

This product is of high quality and durability that you’ll end up providing it with a useful review as the best aquarium vacuum cleaner.

It is self-starting and never needing a bulb to stimulate the water flow. The built-in up and down feature (priming) can start the process fast.

It comes with a cylinder tube that measures 2"x10", a valve lid for backflow, and a drain hose that measures 56". The flexible hose won’t harm any living organism in your tank, but it’s hungry for toxins.

No matter the size of your planted tank is, there is a suitable cleaning tool for it to do the dirty job for a healthier environment.

I have seen it very indispensable with my 15-gallon tank, and I trust it to perform well even at a 30-gallon capacity. My Plecos are generating plenty of wastes, so this cleans it up, including food debris and unwanted baby snails.

The only thing I noticed off in this product is its pulling capacity for gravel, sand, and wastes. The gravel is falling back but the sand I can’t say it.

Read the manual and familiarize with the procedures first. It’s BPA-free and easy to assemble (composed only of 3 parts). Smaller versions are also available in 16" and a 6".

Cleaning your aquarium can never be the same. I do a periodic water change in the blink of an eye.

SunGrow Aquarium Cleaning Pump Kit Tank Cleaner 

Why do the traditional way of changing the water when you can have the best aquarium vacuum cleaner? No more scooping the dirty water and putting it to the bucket. You can use this tool in any size of an aquarium.

This model can do the work the fastest and easiest way with its kink-resistant siphoning action. It has a kit containing all that I need for efficient operation. Setting up the tool takes only two minutes.

There is a hand controller that can clean the dirt in minutes. You will notice the water turning clearer as you refill it anew.

This model is for freshwater and saltwater, sand, and gravel substrates. Its short nozzle is for cleaning the sand and gravel. It comes with a nozzle net that can filter bigger objects that might come in a way.

The standard siphoning hose is long and can reach far edges of the tank where dirt stick most. I can squeeze the pump bulb 5-7 times only for the water to flow.  You can adjust and change the hose because it is flexible.

Each component of SunGrow Aquarium Cleaning Pump is a high-quality; lightweight, durable, BPA-free plastic. It is safe for plants and won’t stress your fish.  These components set it apart from the other fish siphoning/vacuum cleaners in the trade.

The Fish Tank Vacuum has some issues in quality, though. The backup valve is not long-lasting. It will take several pumps to start the water flow, not just 5-7 times, as mentioned in the instructions.

You cannot take it apart or disassemble because they sell it in a one-piece pack, but all the more, it is easy to clean, and storage comes easier because it is compact.


When I was young, my thoughts about gravel are it was only for the construction of infrastructure, and they are dirty. I now realize that since they are underwater, they are clean and have a mineral content.

I never knew that some could be the same materials that they use in aquascaping. They just clean and treat it to become adaptable to aquarium life and display.

The procedures of quarrying make them dirty and unimaginable using for a substrate.

The fish keeping business had laid a hand on this in processing enriched sand and gravel for a substrate. They harvested them right from the ocean to keep its natural bacteria. Others have changed them into fancy multi-colored gravel.

Since that I ventured into this hobby, I have known a lot in the fish keeping field. The nutrition of my fish and plants, filtration, lighting, water parameters, and even the maintenance are but things that I should consider.

I have had lots of experiences now, even from the choices of tools and equipment for this hobby I keep. What’s your pick from the top list of Fish Tank Vacuum?

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