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Best Aquarium Carpet Plants 2019

As we think of beautifying our aquariums, we often wonder what more to add in it, and forget plant life. If you're a dedicated aquarist, you must tend...
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Cyperus Helferi 2019 Guide

Background There are 900 species of plants in the genus Cyperus, and a lot is accessible in the water garden trade. However, there are just a few plan...
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German Blue Ram Beginner's Guide

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi or german blue ram is a tiny and colorful freshwater cichlid popular in the aquarium hobby. It comes and sold under many names...
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Low Light Aquarium Plants, Cost-Effective and Easy to Maintain

Setting up an aquarium for the first time would make you wish for a variety of plants to decorate it. I know you won’t just get satisfied with addin...
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Hemianthus Micranthemoides, An Excellent and Resilient Aquarium Decor

Hemianthus Micranthemoides or pearl grass is a household name in aquarium decor, but you probably didn’t know much about how they survive in there. ...
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