Best Stingray Aquariums 2019

Published on June 13, 2019
Best Stingray Aquariums 2019

Freshwater stingrays are mysterious creatures. Despite their many similarities with sharks, these delicate animals prey on the notorious sea predator.

That is why it is undeniable that their mystery makes them an exotic aquatic pet. Now, you might wonder what is the most suitable kind of aquarium for you to keep these aquatic pets.

Where do you begin, right? I have prepared some guidelines to help you pick out the best aquarium for your freshwater stingray.

The Perfect Tank Size

Stingrays are huge fish. Their discs could grow as big as 20 inches, although people buy most of them when they still measure 5 inches.

That is why freshwater stingray tank size matters. The bigger, the better.

It is only the best for these cute monsters to enjoy the stability guaranteed by a large tank. If you have at least two freshwater stingrays, it would only push the need for that more.

You need a stingray aquarium size of at least 48 inches by 24 inches with an 18-inch height for a single adult stingray. That is equivalent to 70-gallon tank size.

For other freshwater stingray species, they require at least an aquarium of a hundred gallons. It varies depending on the species of the pet you’ve chosen, so we highly advise that you research it for accuracy.

Aquarium Ornaments

What makes an excellent aquarium setup is a right decoration. It also gives a livelier space for your freshwater stingray pets.

Stingrays love relaxing upon ledges too, so add those. However, some typical tank ornaments can cause harm to your rays.

You should avoid the following qualities in a typical aquarium decor:

  • Rough
  • Too large
  • Jagged

Your stingrays would swim and play around the tank. They could suffer severe injuries and infections if they hit threatening decorations.

Choosing a Substrate

Stingray Aquarium Substrate

Photo by kris-mikael.krister

Aquarium substrate helps in ensuring that your aquatic pets feel right at home. Any fish would be weary with a glass tank bottom, especially with light harshly passing through.

Choosing the best substrate depends on the fish you are keeping. A freshwater stingray aquarium setup is a particular case.

A freshwater stingray naturally inhabits the sands of the seas. That means you have to choose a sand substrate that has fine grains.

Keep in mind that sharp sand grains can still injure your freshwater stingrays. The ideal thickness for a safe and aesthetically pleasing sand substrate is 1 ½ to 2 inches.

A thinner substrate may cause empty spots of the aquarium when there is a movement in it. Your freshwater stingrays love playing, so strictly observe that measurement.

Once you’ve got that covered, you can enjoy watching your stingrays safely hide under the sand with only their eyes peering out like what they naturally do in the wild.

A Good Filter System

Water quality matters in keeping a personal aquarium. Maintain cleanliness in your tank so that your freshwater stingray can live healthily.

The best way to maintain a good quality of water is through having a sound filtration system. Most people stick to filters, but taking care of freshwater stingrays calls for a much more upgraded maintenance program.

Here are the three components of a sound filtration system that you should know about:

  • Mechanical Filtration - This initial filtration step aims to trap solid wastes. It collects debris by processing the water.
    You don’t want decayed organic matter dwelling in your stingray’s habitat. That is why periodically removing these trapped wastes every 4-7 days is a must.
    Taking away these bits makes it easy for the next filtration phase, as it will have less load to process.
  • Biological Filtration - This most crucial stage takes care of the rotten organic wastes. It uses beneficial bacteria to consume these waste matters.
    You need to keep these bacteria alive, and all they need is oxygen. They oxygenate the water, so as long as you have water in your tank, then you need not worry.
    Just maintain sufficient oxygen supply in your tank water. Also, avoid overpopulating your aquarium, which is also essential for a freshwater stingray aquarium.
  • Chemical Filtration - This component plays a huge role in maintaining a toxic-free artificial home for your freshwater stingrays. It takes care of the water’s pH level, odors, and chlorine presence.
    This filtration process uses corals, oyster shells, activated carbons, and limestones. It is the aquarium counterpart of our home’s air fresheners and humidifiers.

Top 5 Aquariums for Your Freshwater Stingray

We know how it might challenge you to choose the best aquariums for your freshwater stingrays. It could be strict with those guidelines, slightly limiting your options.

Now, we want you to keep your hopes up. That is why we have selected the top five aquariums out there that we thought might make your stingray pets feel at home:

SC Aquariums Starfire Glass Aquariums

This glass aquarium is simple. It measures 60” x 24” x 24" which is an ideal freshwater stingray tank size.

It is an ideal home for a big adult stingray as it can hold up to 150 gallons of water. That size is even above a minimum of 100 gallons for huge adult stingrays. This aquarium also has a built-in center overflow for proper tank water management.

Innovative Marine Nuvo EXT 100 Gallon - External Overflow Aquarium

This tank measures 47.3" x 23.6" x 19.7" which makes a great living space for your baby freshwater stingrays and even mid-size adult stingrays. The brand’s modern reef ready system also allows you to decorate your aquarium the way you want it.

This aquarium also has an all-glass overflow that does not compromise your freedom for all that aquascape creativity. This is also the first aquarium line to have a Bean Animal safety drain system that keeps a stylish overall tank design.

Pro Clear Rimless Glass Aquarium Tank & Stand

This aquarium tank and stand bundle is a chic home for your freshwater stingrays. The colorful patterns of your freshwater stingrays will stand out with this set’s rimless minimal design.

This glass aquarium’s complete dimensions are 100 gallons 59" x 20" x 51" — ideal living space for your small to mid-size freshwater stingrays. It also has a high output intensity LED lighting that adds appeal to its bright display.

If you prefer a clean aquarium set, then it will thrill you to see the power cord of this aquarium combo set. It always matches the color of the aquarium tank and its stand to help you maintain that home aquatic fantasy.

JAJALE Aquarium Clear Glass Fish Tank & Stand with LED Light

High-quality material made up this 100-gallon aquarium that can create an excellent home for your freshwater stingray pet. Its LED lighting source highlights the aquascape inside so that you could also enjoy the display of your beloved pet.

This line of seamless-cornered tanks also offers customizable finishes. The titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy frame supports the aquarium’s fragile design.

The brand also features the latest water circulation system that will make your filtration management more efficient. The tank and stand set also has an ultra-quiet design that aligns well to the calmness that one expects from observing their home aquatic display.

Cad Lights Artisan II Aquarium with White Stand

This 70-gallon aquarium has a complete glass canopy system that gives a good view of your freshwater stingray. It measures 35.5” x 23.5” x 18” which makes a beautiful space for small to mid-size stingrays to play around.

The tank stand is real maple plywood. It is also a cabinet, so you won’t have to worry about storage for your stingray’s necessities.

I know that it's important for you to have that space for your stingray’s things so that it wouldn’t take up your personal space. The cabinet stand has a smooth piano glass that adds a neat touch to it so that it doesn’t appear to be a visible storage space.

It just blends well with the beauty of your freshwater stingray display. The brand also has quality craftsmanship for both the tank and the glass tank.

These aquariums are among the only ones that exude both aesthetic and stability. Freshwater stingray tank size alone is a significant factor that could compromise beauty for your freshwater stingray’s home.

The larger the tank, the more the pumps and other gears you need. These things could affect your freedom to decorate your pet’s artificial home.

We expect that you want to make your freshwater stingray feel at home. They need that to survive long within your watch.

That is why it is fundamental that you can decorate their tank like their natural habitat. It also creates a great sense of harmony in your home, knowing that your aquatic pet feels comfortable under your roof.

These aquariums that we have rounded up for you can create a home for your aquatic pets. They also align with the guidelines we gave you, so you can fully enjoy the experience of taking care of a freshwater stingray at home.

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