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Our Personal Favorite 9 Red Aquarium Plants

Placing different species of plants into your aquarium can create beautiful visual effects. Red aquarium plants can give a bold splash of color into y...
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Proserpinaca Palustris Beginner's Guide

Apart from your fish, aquatic plants make your tank or pond such a picture-perfect beauty to look at. If you’re searching for stunning aquatic plant...
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7 Freshwater Puffer Fish

Freshwater pufferfish is gaining popularity among aquarium hobbyists because they look adorable with their ball-like appearance. They are also excitin...
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Dinosaur Bichir Essential Guide

A Short Intro on its Origin Found in the fresh waters of Africa and its subcontinents, Dinosaur Bichir is a primitive fish that originated from prehis...
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Last Guide to Platinum Arowana You’ll Ever Need.

If there’s one fish that is most sought after these days by hobby aquarists, it must be the Platinum Arowana. The visual appearance of this freshwat...
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