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Top 7 Aquarium Bottom Feeders

There are three zones in your tank to consider when stocking species of fish. These zones are for the surface feeders, the mid-water fishes, and the b...
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Ludwigia Arcuata

Here is another top-of-the-line perennial herb when it comes to aquarium plants. The delicate-looking stem plant, ludwigia arcuata is a mainstay in ev...
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Baby Snapping Turtle

The Chelydra serpentina is an inhabitant of shallow freshwater. This turtle species is now getting popular across the globe and to date, the baby snap...
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Rotala Indica Beginner's Guide

Another widespread species of aquatic plant that has grown its popularity is the Rotala Indica. For decades, this was wrongfully known as Rotala Rotun...
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Alternanthera Reineckii Mini

Another underwater landscaping wonder is the red-glowing stem plant called Alternanthera Reineckii Mini. This aquatic species provides emphasis on the...
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