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How do fish mate?

Here is a simple question: how do fish mate? The majority of you who have come here may answer: they lay eggs. Simple, and to the point. But is that t...
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Shubunkin Goldfish Perfect Guide for Beginners

The only reason you've come to this page is that you either are an aquarist or starting to be one. Talking about fish, according to Statista, fish is ...
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Infusoria Definitive Guide

"Hey, Ernesto! My fish just laid hundreds of eggs! What should I feed the fry once they hatch? Something that's not too expensive but highly nutritiou...
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20 Expert Aquarists Reveal 3 Beginner-Friendly Aquarium Fish

Choosing your first fish to pet is never an easy job. There are over 3,014 freshwater and 1,144 saltwater fish for you to consider even before pur...
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Discus fish care ultimate guide

Today I’m going to share the best resources to master discus care for beginners. For a beginner, you might feel overwhelmed with the guides out the...
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