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Jack Dempsey Cichlid

This care guide has everything every aquarist need to know about the Jack Dempsey fish. If you are about to buy the fish and wondering if it’s the r...
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7 Guppy Fish Facts You Didn’t Know

I'm a tropical fish that is considered to be one of the most distributed fish in the world. I have a beautiful tail. I'm so famous that my species is ...
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Why Is My Fish Tank Cloudy?

What is the least enjoyable activity in aquascape? I believe the majority of us will answer: water change. Even for some of us, we have tried to chang...
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How do fish mate?

Here is a simple question: how do fish mate? The majority of you who have come here may answer: they lay eggs. Simple, and to the point. But is that t...
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Shubunkin Goldfish Perfect Guide for Beginners

The only reason you've come to this page is that you either are an aquarist or starting to be one. Talking about fish, according to Statista, fish is ...
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