Christmas Moss - 7 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

Published on October 22, 2016
Christmas Moss - 7 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

Moss is known to be one of the most common plants to decorate aquascape tanks. There are countless of moss variants out there that you can find, but there is one particular moss that almost all aquascapers know.

Not only because of its unique and easy-to-be-remembered name, but also because of its beautiful appearance, and its simplicity regarding care and maintenance.

What is it? Christmas moss, also known as Vesicularia Montagne.

Originated from Brazil

Brazil, the home of Amazon, has never failed to amaze us with its richness in fauna and floras. This time, one great aquascape plant also came from this beautiful country.

Doesn't require carbon dioxide injection for growth

What is one essential feature of every successful aquascape? Carbon dioxide.

Other aquascape plants might have died without enough supply of CO2, but this doesn't apply to Christmass moss. This plant is known to require a low level of CO2, which makes it pretty simple to take care.

Having these low requirements also make itself beginner-friendly.

A simple reason why it's called Christmas Moss

You might already be familiar with the moss, but do you know the reason behind why we call it Christmas moss?

Well, the reason doesn't go any further than how it looks. The side branch structure of Christmas Moss looks like fir trees' branches.

A good algae magnet

Raise your hands if you hate to find algae in your tank!

*Raises both hands*

Bad news for you who is currently thinking of getting your Christmass moss. This moss is known to be an excellent algae magnet.
Why? Because they are the perfect "homes" for debris and mulm.

Want to boost your Christmas moss growth? Make sure your aquarium's temperature is less than 77F

Even though this moss is known for its sturdiness, it does not mean that it requires specific environment conditions to reach its maximum growth potential.

One easy trick is to keep your aquarium's temperature below 77F. Just remember one thing: Moss loves it cold.

Perfect home for infusoria

A self-sustaining aquarium is every aquascaper's dream. And Christmas moss can realize it for you.

Not only it's a perfect hideout for fish and shrimp, but it's also actually the perfect home for infusoria. What is infusoria? To put simply, they are unicellular algae and small invertebrates.

What is infusoria? To put simply, they are unicellular algae and small invertebrates.

They are pretty much your fish fry's and shrimp's food.

More infusoria = more food for your aquatics. Doesn't it sound like a good business?

Often sold as Java moss

Because of the similarities in appearance, Christmas moss is often marketed as or along with java moss.

When this moss species is not attached to any rock or driftwood, it's going to be tenfold harder to differentiate it from its sibling the Java moss.

In Japan, this beautiful aquatic has a different distinct name: Brazilian Willow Moss.

Featured image by Tropica

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