Best LED Aquarium Lights

Published on July 12, 2019
Best LED Aquarium Lights

Technology has it! There are varieties of best LED aquarium light that are now available in the market. You can shop online while you save on the walk and let the fingers do the walking.

Given the right information and hearing experiences from other aquarium hobbyists, you can end up worthy of the right choice you made.

Factors to consider in choosing an LED light for an aquarium:

Type of tank

Do you have a reef and a coral tank with rockscape and African cichlids? Or it is a well-planted aquarium with little fish swimming in a school?

Maybe you keep an aquarium each for your exotic pets like a stingray, baby shark, octopus, or perhaps piranha?

However, it is not just the aquatic animals you should consider, determine the best-LED aquarium light for plants through reading product information from different websites.

In every growth phase of your plants and corals, they need proper lighting, particularly in the early stage of growth.

Choose an appropriate LED system lighting for every life cycle of all the living organisms in your tank.

Aquarium Size

The size of your tank will determine the ideal LED lighting system to adapt. If you have a standard size aquarium, pick a smaller version of the product model, which is much affordable.

A large aquarium will need a state-of-the-art LED system that can light up the whole aquarium, depth included. It could be an exceptional one, but it can also fetch a higher price.

Having the experience and expertise in the fish keeping hobby counts a lot. You are knowledgeable enough to select features in a much more favorable cost.

Features and Light Intensity Preference

Explore the options when shopping for the best-LED aquarium lighting. I will discuss it later to give you a glimpse of each product.

There is an array of color spectrums and light intensities that various LED lighting products are now offering.

A lot of aquarium plants depend on the lighting you provide. It is also the same when you are growing some corals and maintaining some pet fish for they have specific lighting needs as they grow.

Calculate the lighting needs of all the inhabitants in your tank and come up with an LED system that has all that you are looking for.  It must cater to every biota in your environment.

LED lights nowadays come in adjustable light intensity. You can program it into a 24-hour cycle from daylight to dim light when the darkness sets in. A lot of nocturnal fish will enjoy this.  Interchanging lights can also fascinate your viewing pleasure.

Budget Allocation

The price of LED light for the aquarium will depend on the size of your aquarium. I believe that if there are more features, the higher the price will be. But I’m wrong because a lot come at affordable prices nowadays.

I know we are looking for the excellent functionality aside from aesthetic value, but we can both have them if you know how to look for one. The best part is that the manufacturers made all the amazing features so it will suit your budget.

As competition runs the stiff, manufacturers innovate more and include modern features one after another, at a lesser price.

Some best-LED aquarium light for plants, corals, and fish are here to guide you. Consider your criteria and come up with a wise buy.

The Best LED Aquarium Lights

Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light

At first, I was in doubt to buy this for my reef tank because I do not mean this product model to support corals, but it did. Adjust into low SPS or higher maybe and see how it grows your corals well. I recommend setting it to “Power Grow” and see the wonders.

I was reluctant when I bought some corals for they won’t open up at first, but after weeks of acclimating, see how your corals display vibrant colors and shape up day by day. I adore corals that open up and fluoresce.

Orbit Marine LED system can illuminate a standard size aquarium (18-24 inches wide or more significant) in the color of your choice.

The temperature it emits will never worry you at all because the system has extendable brackets that allow a coverage range of 18-60 inches.

Its dual wavelengths will amaze you. I tried switching it from a quad T5 unit, and its color is fantastic! Put it on the top, and the light will move down covering the entire tank.

Check the specs, and you will find its 96 LEDs blue and white programmable in a natural biorhythmic 24-hour cycle. It also includes weather effects like clouds rolling across the reef.

From bright morning light, this Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light will mimic a slow sunrise effect, dimming until it reaches the effect of moonlight.

Bring your tank into life and add colors through this ultra-bright aquarium LED light system that is user-friendly and comes with a one-year warranty.

NICREW ClassicLED Plus LED Aquarium Light, Full Spectrum Fish Tank Light for Freshwater

Illuminate your aquarium with the new ClassicLED Plus light by NICREW. Its two-light mode makes my aquarium interior much brighter and sharper with the new 25% fixture (full LED spectrum at 6500K).

My fish turned more colorful, combining the lights ranging from white, blue, red, green, and purple.

I also noticed that my plants appeared vibrant and greener with an added crisp since I maintained a planted tank. I bet it’ll shimmer the corals.

You can intensify its light as per growing phases of your plants. The glowing blue moon setting at nighttime is a breathtaking sight for reef tanks.

I find the LED light durable with its low profile aluminum housing designed to optimize heat dissipation for a longer time. I advise that you put a glass cover on the tank for added protection.

It worried me fitting the apparatus on my rimless aquarium until I found the adjustable legs. It’ll do magic whether on a framed or rimless tank.

What I dislike in this product is its Single Channel Timer, which allows a ramp up/ramp down to simulate only a sunrise effect to sunset.

You need to set it to night mode to achieve the moonlight effect. It is not automatic because it recommends the lighting hours for 8-10 hours only.

The downsides are minimal though considering the tag price that suits the budget. I still trust it to perform well because the name speaks for quality.

There’s nothing to worry whether you use it for freshwater or saltwater tank. For the money, get this product because it is cost efficient for the many plus features it offers now.

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light Aquarium

The cutting edge features of this make it accessible among the rest. I reckon that this will look best on a planted tank and will make your fish appear more colorful.

It has a full-spectrum LED that can provide ultra-bright 6500K illumination. However, you can adjust it to what your plants need. A planted tank only needs medium lighting for its growth and development.

I find it not cheap but still affordable to the budget, considering I can keep a sizeable forest-like tank. It is energy efficient in features and design that speak quality more than price. This, for me, is the best-LED aquarium light for plants.

Every product has its pros and cons. The good news is that it controls the growth of algae. A carpeting plant thrives on my substrate so I might not monitor the unwanted algae.

I would always want my tank in vibrant green, pleasing to the eyes, and something to relax me from a stressful day. The natural effects of this light system add more wonders to its programmable features.

It includes different mode settings, color mixture and weather patterns in a smart timer that still runs even during a power outage (unlike others that reprogram).

The downside is that the timer is not automatic when the power resumes for you need to turn it on yet. So, when I leave town, I might leave my tank dark and unattended when there’s a power failure.

Its remote control covers only a short range. I hope to find the one that can define the true meaning of “remote,” but I know it will cost me.

Another drawback is the water evaporation that might damage its functionality. I guess a lot of LED lights are susceptible to it, but the beautiful thing is that you can avoid it when you add a glass top over.

Others might settle for something less with the same quality. The price of this product is not competitive in the league of top LED performers.

Experienced hobbyists know how to search for the same features without sacrificing the wallet.

Finnex FugeRay Planted Aquarium LED Light

I always want my plants to grow in perfect condition while in a community I provide for them. Therefore, I look on for the best-LED aquarium light for plants.

I am not particular with the designs, but this model caught my eyes just like other people who purchased them. I’d like to see what else I can get aside from aesthetic.

It has a low voltage but a bright light output of 6500K, which costs less on the bill but energy efficient for the performance.  They align the LEDs with enough spaces.

The white LEDs, combined with the RGB LEDs in the full spectrum, are ideal for growing the implanted.

Incorporating the feature, TRUE 660nm LEDs becomes beneficial in producing a wavelength of lights that plays a vital role in photosynthesis.

They said the optimized LED fixtures are both perfect for freshwater and marine refugium as you can achieve all the colors you want. It looks much better than the former model because of the added features like moonlight tone I can set at night from a separate switch.

The apparatus is easy to mount to fit any aquarium. It is portable because it is lightweight because of the thin alloy housing. I find the remote control and timer indispensable. It is user-friendly for there’s no need for a particular setting.

It is moisture-resistant for Finnex still keeps the PC splash guard feature to protect from occasional water mishaps. Although the LEDs become warmer, they don’t turn hot.

Although it can perform well on shallow tanks under a depth of 12 inches, it might not deliver excellent results for tank depths deeper than that. This is one disadvantage I have observed.

It will be hard to grow red plants when the range of light is insufficient for a deeper aquarium. Unwelcomed algae might also appear.

The night mode does not help in plant growth. It’s just meant to fascinate. If you want a dim light room for your relaxation, you need to buy a separate dimmer for added controllability.

The cord is short. Other than that, I see no further flaw. There are more to gain than to lose. I still prefer every Finnex made.

Finnex Planted+ Fully Automated Aquarium LED

This LED system innovation from Finnex is what every aquarium enthusiast is looking for. The model has a 24/7 description, so it must be effortless as they automate it every hour of the day.

This fixture has a “hands-free” day-in-day-out simulation feature for straight 24 hours, which runs on a built-in timer powered by remote control. You can simulate sunrise and sunset in your aquarium, vital to your plant growth.

Therefore, this product is the best-LED aquarium lighting many people are looking for to support the stages of plant growth as if it exposes them to its natural ecosystem.

It regulates the temperature of your tank, and the wavelength of light optimizes the growth of all living organisms.

The cycle begins at dawn as it brightens up to achieve the rising sun effect. The lighting intensifies as noontime nears until it reddens like a setting sun.

You notice that the LEDs grow dim in the dusk and darker in the moonlight, achieving a bluish-black starry night ambiance. It repeats another cycle the next day and so on as long as the apparatus is in good condition.

You can choose a setting to portray a weather condition like cloudy, thunderstorms, etc. Mixing white LED from a row of RGB LEDs buttons is easy if you want to customize a color combination. You can save configured settings as the remote control has four memory card slots.

This apparatus is thin with light features and adjustable legs to secure the mounting. The LED lights come in five sizes: 20, 24, 30, 36, and 48 (inches) to fit any aquarium size and type.

The splash guard feature makes the LEDs water resistant. The unit can sit over the aquarium even without a canopy.

There are a few cons that the manufacturer should improve on the next model, despite the pros. The 24/7 cycle feature is not customizable but fixed. Other users find it too bright and there’s no room for change.

The remote control malfunctions sooner than expected. Wires are present on both sides instead of just on one side of the fixture. No other negative remarks followed.

Beamswork DA 6500K 0.50W Series LED Pent Aquarium Light Freshwater Plant Discus

The LED system in this upgraded model from Beamswork is better than the former one with dual-tube fluorescent lights. At the 6500K spectrum, you will get the illumination you wanted for plant growth.

This model works great with my 55 gallons planted tank. The two light options allow my aquarium to go on a low light if I want my plants to grow slower or I can set it to mid light if I want them to grow faster.

I like Beamswork design as always because it is sleek and modern like this one that will fit any aquarium type and size. Beamswork has improved bulb longevity to save you from constant buying.

The problem with many LEDs in the market is that they couldn’t light up the tank bottom, but this model is exceptional. Its timer is programmable and set to deliver optimum results.

Few downsides though, like its blue LED that yields powerful beams during the night and my plants overgrow.  I don’t use the blue LED as I don’t want my plants outgrew my tank.

The light is hard-starting, and I can’t achieve slow-paced dim lighting. My fish is freaking out every light start. The white and blue lights need a manual start, though.

Another issue I hope the manufacturer can improve is why it emits some sound somewhere at a 16000-17000 Hz range? It could annoy anyone with sensitive ears.

Its adjustable legs are elegant, but I noticed some two inches hanging over both sides of the tank. Despite the flaws, I still believe in this product because the manufacturer’s name speaks for quality and durability.

It was a good buy for a reasonable price. My room sparkles and my tank display became an attraction to my visitors. I’ve been searching for this kind of LED system for quite some time, and now I am enjoying the purpose it means to serve.

COODIA Remote Controlled Dimmable RGBW LED Light

Its multiple lighting modes give life to a large planted aquariums like mine. This model is more extended, and the powerful LEDs can light my tank from top to bottom

It delivers excellent performance when you want to play with colors on your display to show off. There are several lighting options via color-coded remote control.

I can adjust the size from 28 to 36 inches because of its extendable brackets. Therefore, the light extends to every part of any tank size and type.

No doubt that this is the best-LED aquarium light when we speak of durability. The manufacturer designs the power supply with energy-efficient LEDs that have a 10,000-hour lifespan.

The light system in this fixture is incredible because of its color-changing feature that runs on a cycle. The effects like “smooth” and  “fade” are relaxing to the eyes.

You can also switch it to “strobe” effects and can control its light through the wall. Your plants will look vibrant, and the fish color will fluoresce.

The smooth transition of colors is fascinating. I sometimes experiment with the colors, but it might stress my fish and abort the plant growth.

The fixture has extendable brackets, and it comes in three sizes: 11-19.5, 19-28, and 28-35 (all in inches).

Even if a product is of quality, my sense will always find some flaws. The COODIA Remote Controlled Dimmable LED lighting system has no timer or cycle features. You need to aim the remote control to the fixture every use.

Enough said I don’t regret buying it. I find it inexpensive for this kind of quality.

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